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John Legend | All of Me

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I let my sister use my laptop for her biology homework and she just finished. She left some tabs open and she searched “why are plant cells homophobic”. Her homework was about heterotrophic cells.

Real Madrid 1 - 0 Bayern Munich


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I love you duaa4duaa



i am attracted to the most basic of white men

dear lord, cure me of this sickness

Dear Sister,

InshaAllah you’ll realize the error of your ways and come to appreciate boys like Zayn Malik and not the four other boys in 1D who aren’t Zayn Malik.


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most of my life is trial and error

first time I got pulled over by police I was like “tell my mum I love her” but now it’s like “officer can I get a quick selfie?”

when you take pictures of your friends, it’s nice but when they take a picture of you, it’s blurry or half your face is cut off

hello officer we cool? youre not arresting us? okay let us teach you how to bhangra dance *puts music on*


hello officer we cool? youre not arresting us? okay pose for a selfie tenks

when aunties or uncles try to give you money and youre like nooo pls no wallah i wont take it okay thanks aw yiss jazakhallah yes

tell the queen we’re here for her
we got pulled over for 4th time in 3 days, my other cousin got a selfie this time LOOL don’t reblog
sometimes my cousin has sex with his car