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Do you ever see someone being so ignorant that it doesn’t feel real? You’re just left speechless? It just doesn’t make sense.



A friend just messaged me that another friend I know who I haven’t talked to in over 8 years has been missing since yesterday. He lives in the Heartland area in Mississauga. He went out for rollerblading and he hasn’t been seen since.

This is messed up.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi…

Why do people add shit like “someone finally said it” to posts? Everyone is saying it, no one is being stopped from saying it. Why don’t you say it? Why don’t you shut up?

Apparently in 2 hours, Genghis Khan killed 40 million people. When he attacked Beijing, tourists who visited soon after said that the roads were slippery because of the fat that leaked from the dead bodies.

Genghis Khan’s father was murdered when he was only 9 and to get some protection, he married the daughter of another tribe’s leader. He was accepted into the tribe but they got attacked by another tribe who then stole his wife. Genghis Khan trained everyone including kids to go get his wife back and he fxcked up the other tribe. He was a tactical genius. He made some of his soldiers run away during the battle so they got chased by the enemies but it was a trap. He had soldiers on the side ready to shoot. He also used psychological tricks such as making all his men carry 5 lamps at night so any spies from the other tribe thought his tribe was larger in numbers. Anyway, he got back his wife and then united all the tribes. He told poor people that they didn’t have to pay tax and he let people follow whatever religion they wanted. This helped him become the sole ruler of Mongol plains.

Genghis Khan and his childhood friend Jamukha were the leaders of their tribe but there was some tension and Jamukha betrayed Genghis Khan. They became rivals. Their tribes had a battle and Genghis Khan’s tribe destroyed Jamukha’s tribe. Jamukha fled with a couple of his commanders but his commanders betrayed him and took him to Genghis Khan in hope that they would receive a reward but Genghis Khan executed them because they betrayed his childhood friend and he told Jamukha that he would give him another chance. Genghis Khan was all about loyalty and brotherhood but Jamukha didn’t think he deserved Genghis Khan’s mercy so he asked him to kill him. Genghis Khan fulfilled his childhood friends wish and killed him.

I watched a documentary about Genghis Khan and now I want to rule the World.

"Do not scorn a weak cub; he may become a brutal tiger."

- Mongolian proverb

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Does it ever fxck you up when you think about someone who passed away and you realise that they were a person, they were you but not you?


My soul is a little too occupied with negatives right now to make room for anything uplifting, but it’s nice to drown in melancholy sometimes. It’s exhausting being so happy and positive all the time.

This is the first Ramadan after my grandad passed away. He used to pray in the same place at the mosque every day and some of the older men were trying to make me pray there.


Hey remember all those Pakistani children saying they were afraid to go to school because they feared being attacked by US drone strikes? no? you only know about Malala Yousafzai? because she was attacked by the Taliban instead of your taxes? oh, okay. 

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You know what’s horrible? When you’re in a bad mood and people you love get upset because you’re upset which makes everything worse. I’m sorry.

We went to pick up my Palestinian friend from his house and I went inside to say salaam to his parents. His whole family was watching the news except his little brother who was in the kitchen crying his eyes out. He was worried about his aunty. He’s only 6.